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Family Medicine and Community Health Journal volume six, issue number four publishes

January 08, 2019

Beijing, December 24, 2018: The Winter 2018 issue includes five original research articles, a review article, a letter to the editor and a China Focus article addressing various topics in family medicine in both China and internationally.

The first featured article in this issue is an original research article entitled "Adherence to clinical guidelines for monitoring diabetes in primary care settings by authors Mingliang Dai, Michael R. Peabody, Lars E. Peterson and Arch G. Mainous. Adherence to clinical guidelines is an integral part of the World Health Organization's Global Action Plan to reduce the impact of diabetes. In this study, the authors used the 2013 National Ambulatory Care Survey to assess US physicians' adherence to the American Diabetes Association's guidelines for monitoring diabetes. A substantial gap was found between what was done in primary care settings and what is recommended for optimal diabetes management. The authors findings support the positive effect of continuity of care on improving diabetes quality of care.

The second featured article is an original research article entitled "Relationship between glycemic control and perceived family support among people with type 2 diabetes mellitus seen in a rich kinship network in Southwest Nigeria by authors Nnenna A. Osuji , Oluwaseun Solomon Ojo , Sunday O. Malomo , Peter T. Sogunle , Ademola O. Egunjobi and Olufisayo O. Odebunmi. Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries are currently experiencing a rapid increase in the incidence of noncommunicable diseases, especially diabetes mellitus (DM), as a result of increasing urbanization and changing lifestyles. People with diseases such as DM that require lifelong management may be tired of taking medications and adhering to the life-style modifications over time. This underscores the importance of motivation in people with DM. The authors consider whether support from the family motivate people with DM to improve self-management behaviors and ultimately their glycemic control.

The third featured article is an original research article entitled "Factors associated with visit-to-visit variability of blood pressure in hypertensive patients at a Primary Health Care Service, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia by Gusti Ayu Riska Pertiwi , Anak Agung Ngurah Aryawangsa , I. Putu Yuda Prabawa , Ida Bagus Amertha Putra Manuaba , Agha Bhargah , Ni Wayan Sri Ratni and I. Putu Gede Budiana. This study provides an overview of visit-to-visit variability (VVV) in hypertension blood pressure management in a primary health care service setting. In this study there was a significant relationship between the use of antihypertensive drugs and VVV. This finding illustrates that VVV can be used as an additional factor in considering the target of controlling blood pressure in primary health services, given that hypertension has many complications that can arise if management is not done properly.

The China Focus article is entitled "Efficiency of community health centers in China during 2013-2015: A synchronic and diachronic study by Lin Zhao, Yao Zhang, Yabing Hou and Guiming Yan. This article evaluates the efficiency of CHCs in China at the national regional level from synchronic and diachronic perspectives. Data was used from China's Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2014, China's Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2015, and China's Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2016 and reviewed by envelopment and Malmquist index analysis to assess the efficiency of CHCs.
Other articles published in the issue include:

Original Research

Predictors of successfully quitting smoking among smokers registered at the quit smoking clinic at a public hospital in northeastern Malaysia
Nur Izzati Mohammad, Selasawati Ghazali and Mohd Nazri Shafei.

Nutritional status in adolescent girls: Attempt to determine its prevalence and its association with sociodemographic variable
Smitha Malenahalli Chandrashekarappa, Narayana Murthy Mysuru Ramakrishnaiah and Renuka Manjunath.

Review Article

Comprehensive AIDS prevention programs in prisons: A review study
Somayeh Zare, Mehdi Kargar, Jeyran Ostovarfar and Mohammad Hossein Kaveh.

Letter to the Editor

The challenge given by Zika virus
Juan Sebastian Vargas Rodriguez

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Full bibliographic information
Volume 6, Number 3
Family Medicine and Community Health
ISSN 2305-6983 (Print); ISSN: 2009-8774 (Online)

Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications

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