2002 Ocean Sciences Meeting - Media Advisory 1

January 14, 2002

The world's largest gathering of ocean scientists takes place this year February 11 to 15 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sponsored jointly by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), the 2002 Ocean Sciences Meeting includes 173 sessions and 2,221 individual presentations on a wide variety of topics. Important new research results will be presented to scientists and the media about the least explored and least understood part of our planet, the oceans.

Press Room and press conferences

AGU will hold press conferences on some of the important new research results to be presented at the meeting. These will be announced in a subsequent advisory. Reporters unable to come to Honolulu will be able to participate in these press conferences via a conference call system.

The Press Room is Room 325A of the Hawaii Convention Center. It will be equipped with phone lines (no charge for business calls), a copier, fax, and computer with Internet access. Press releases on research presented at the meeting will be available. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served for press registrants.

The Press Room telephone and fax numbers will be provided in a subsequent advisory, as will procedures for participating in press conferences by phone.

Abstracts now online, later printed and on CD-ROM

Abstracts for the meeting are already online (see below) and will be available in book and CD-ROM form closer to the meeting date. Both the online and CD-ROM versions are searchable by subject, author, institution, or geographic location. Reporters and public information officers must register to attend the meeting or receive abstracts.

URLs for meeting information

Complete information about Ocean Sciences Meeting, along with links to tourism sites, is available online. Some key URLs follow.

* Main web site for meeting information: http://www.agu.org/meetings/os02top.html
* List of all sessions, with links to abstracts: http://agu.org/cgi-bin/sessions?meeting=os02&sec=ALL
* Abstract search by fields: http://www.agu.org/meetings/waisos02adv.html

Tips for searching the abstracts: It is often easier to locate abstracts from a specific institution by searching on its email domain, e.g., @hawaii.edu, than by the institution's name, which might be rendered variously by different scientists, e.g., University of Hawaii, Univ. of Hawaii, U. of Hawai'i, etc. Search under Affiliation for institutions by name, as well as for cities, states or provinces, and countries.

Press Registration

Press registrants receive a badge that provides access to all of the science sessions of the meeting, as well as to the Press Room. No one will be admitted without a valid badge. A press registration form will be found at the end of this message.

Eligibility for press registration is limited to the following persons:

Note: Representatives of publishing houses, for-profit corporations, and the business side of news media must pre-register through the AGU web site or register at the main registration desk at the meeting and pay the appropriate fees. Press Registration Form

The press pre-registration deadline is Tuesday, February 5, 2002. The form must be received at AGU by that date for your badge to be available upon arrival, avoiding delay. You may, of course, also register onsite in the Press Room (not at the main registration windows). Once the Abstracts are available in CD-ROM and/or book form, and while limited supplies last, they will be sent to registrants, upon request from the form below. (Others will receive a copy in the Press Room.)

The Press Registration Form is available online at http://www.agu.org/sci_soc/02OSPress_Reg_Form.shtml.
The form, available in two versions, may be submitted online, returned by email, or printed and faxed or mailed to AGU.

Email address: hleifert@agu.org
Fax: 202-328-0566
Mail to: Harvey Leifert
2000 Florida Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20009

Or, you may take the form with you to the Press Room to register on site.

*** 2002 Ocean Sciences Meeting Press Registration Form ***

Name (to be printed on badge):
Media or organizational affiliation (to be printed on badge):
Mailing Address: Telephone:
Email Address:
If freelancer: Check below one basis of your eligibility below and bring relevant proof to meeting.
_____ Member of NASW
_____ Regional affiliate of NASW
_____ CSWA
_____ ISWA
_____ SEJ
_____ Letter from recognized publication assigning you to cover this meeting
_____ Evidence of bylined science story published in 2001 or 2002

Check one of following two lines:
_____ I expect to attend the meeting in person.
_____ I do not expect to attend in person, but may participate in press conferences by conference call.

Indicate preference for book or CD-ROM version (Check one box below)
____ I prefer a CD-ROM in advance of the meeting.
____ I prefer a bound volume in advance of the meeting.
How shall we send the abstracts?
____ Send Abstracts to me at the above address by USPS First Class mail.
____ Send Abstracts to me at the above address (no P.O. Boxes!) via express service
Name of express service (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.):
Class of service (e.g. next day, 2nd day, etc.):
My Account Number:
____ Do not send Abstracts in advance; hold for me in the Press Room.

American Geophysical Union

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