BIO Integration journal, Volume 1, Issue number 4, publishes

January 15, 2021

Guangzhou, January 15, 2021: New journal BIO Integration (BIOI) publishes its fourth issue, volume 1, issue 4. BIOI is a peer-reviewed, open access, international journal, which is dedicated to spreading multidisciplinary views driving the advancement of modern medicine. Aimed at bridging the gap between the laboratory, clinic, and biotechnology industries, it will offer a cross-disciplinary platform devoted to communicating advances in the biomedical research field and offering insights into different areas of life science, in order to encourage cooperation and exchange among scientists, clinical researchers, and health care providers.

The issue contains an original article, three review articles, a mini review article and a commentary:

"Experimental Study on the Viscoelastic Flow Mixing in Microfluidics" by authors Meng Zhang, Wu Zhang, Zihuang Wang and Weiqian Chen. This original article discusses how the integration of microfluidic technology with blood flow research could provide a new approach to understanding related disease mechanisms and analysis of drug mixing and delivery in blood flow.

"A Review for Antimicrobial Peptides with Anticancer Properties: Re-purposing of Potential Anticancer Agents" by Cuiyu Zhong, Lei Zhang, Lin Yu, Jiandong Huang, Songyin Huang and Yandan Yao. This review article assesses several examples of antimicrobial peptides (ACPs) used in tumor therapy for their ability in penetrating or lysing tumor cell membrane, and discusses recent advances and challenges in the application of ACPs.

"Metabolic Syndrome "Interacts" With COVID-19" by Zeling Guo, Shanping Jiang, Zilun Li and Sifan Chen. In this review article, the authors focus on the close interaction between COVID-19 and metabolic syndrome, as well as the potential of repurposing metabolic-related drugs and the importance of treating metabolic diseases in COVID-19 patients.

"Coronavirus Pneumonia and Pulmonary Thromboembolism" by Mingkang Yao, Phei Er Saw and Shanping Jiang. In this review article, the authors summarize the harm that coronavirus pneumonia wreaks and highlight the clinical relationship between PTE and coronavirus infection. The potential mechanism and the prophylaxis and therapeutic measures are also discussed to call for more effort and research to investigate the strategies for PTE in COVID-19.

"Microbes in Oncology: Controllable Strategies for Bacteria Therapy" by Meng Du, Jinsui Yu, Yaozhang Yang, Fei Yan and Zhiyi Chen. In this mini review article, the authors introduce the unique advantages of bacteria in cancer treatment and highlight the issues associated with the application of bacterial therapy, focusing on the incorporation of various methodologies in the advancement of some controllable strategies in bacterial therapy.

"Understanding of the Entry Mechanism of Nanoparticles into Tumors Determines the Future Direction of Nanomedicine Development" by Phei Er Saw and Sangyong Jon. In this commentary, the authors discuss insights on the entry mechanism of nanoparticles into tumors.
BIO Integration is a fully open access journal which will allow for the rapid dissemination of multidisciplinary views driving the progress of modern medicine.

As part of its mandate to help bring interesting work and knowledge from around the world to a wider audience, BIOI will actively support authors through open access publishing and through waiving author fees in its first years. Also, publication support for authors whose first language is not English will be offered in areas such as manuscript development, English language editing and artwork assistance.

BIOI is now open for submissions; articles can be submitted online at

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