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Max Planck and Taylor & Francis Group sign open-access agreement

January 17, 2017

The Max Planck Digital Library and Taylor & Francis Group have signed an agreement which enables researchers based in Max Planck institutes to publish open access in 2,390 journals, under a centrally funded arrangement. This applies to peer-reviewed papers in full and hybrid Taylor & Francis Group journals, including Routledge and Cogent OA titles.

Max Planck Institutes will also have shared access to a set of Taylor & Francis subscription journals and can swap and add individual titles up to an agreed limit to meet reader demand.

Dr. Ralf Schimmer, Head of Information at the Max Planck Digital Library, said, "This new agreement is constructed from an open access perspective and helped us to revitalize our business relations after several years of no central site license for the Max Planck Society. We are particularly pleased that our new collaboration marks a departure from the subscription system and shifts our fees from read access to our publication output. This constitutes a significant service improvement for our authors and underscores the transformation to open access."

The agreement offers an increase in open access publishing options for Max Planck researchers, with Taylor & Francis' portfolio of titles stretching across the sciences, medicine, social sciences and humanities. All corresponding authors based at a Max Planck Institute will now be eligible to have their manuscript published gold open access under a CC BY license.

Individual authors will no longer be required to pay the article publishing charges usually applicable for open access publication. Payments by MPDL to support the agreement will transition over three years to directly reflect the number of Max Planck researchers publishing in Taylor & Francis Group journals.

The Max Planck Digital Library has published information for their authors and researchers on their website.

Deborah Kahn, Publishing Director (Open Access and Medicine) at Taylor & Francis Group, said, "The Max Planck Society, a leader in many research fields, has also led the way in establishing Open Access as a flexible and high?quality scholarly and scientific publishing system ever since they organized the first Berlin Conference in 2003. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Max Planck Digital Library to facilitate all Max Planck researchers being able to publish Open Access in all of our Cogent, Taylor & Francis Open and Open Select journals, as well as providing them easy and unrestricted access to many of our leading titles."

Taylor & Francis Group

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