What Incentives Will Maintain The Global Research Commons?

January 22, 1999

New York Academy Of Sciences President And CEO Rodney W. Nichols Will Speak On This Topic At AAAS 1999 Annual Meeting

NEW YORK, What incentives will maintain the global research commons? New York Academy of Sciences President and CEO Rodney W. Nichols will address this topic when he speaks at the American Association for the Advancement of Science 1999 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California. Nichols will speak at a symposium entitled UNESCO and Global Science, to be held Friday, January 22, from 9:00AM to 12:00 noon .

What mutual interests and incentives can be the basis for reforming the framework for pursuing essential international research cooperation?

1 Many existing public and private scientific global institutions are not organized and staffed to fulfill the rising expectations for them, much less achieve the new goals for global action. Moreover, national-level economic demands for taking advantage of technological advances together with the growing scale and long duration of many research projects make it difficult to organize international collaborations.

2 Complicating the situation further, effective electronic communications are producing new styles in research as well as much easier global contacts, raising the issue of what active investigators around the world need from international organizations? Such questions, posed by recent studies in many places including the New York Academy of Sciences, not only suggest the direction of major changes in global scientific institutions, but also demand substantial rethinking of how best to pursue U.S. interests.

3 A key perspective is to understand the "best practices" from the past.
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