E-only Springer journal will meet the needs of today's transportation specialists

January 26, 2010

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research is the only international platform to foster wide-ranging discussion across disciplines by bringing together a broad-based audience for solutions-oriented information and discussion. The journal serves a multi-disciplinary set of researchers and specialists in fields ranging from transportation, electrical, mechanical, and traffic engineering, as well as in policy planning, economics, and psychology. It reaches across disciplines to find solutions to the difficult issues surrounding future transportation systems and their impact on society.

The journal publishes original research and survey papers. The Editor-in-Chief is Masao Kuwahara of the University of Tokyo.

Jennifer Evans, Editorial Director of Computer Science at Springer, said, "Thanks to Springer's innovative infrastructure, we can provide ITS Japan with an efficient digital forum that aims to find effective solutions for intelligent transportation systems, to meet the needs of today's world."

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research will be published three times a year. Cross Reference Linking and alert services will be fully implemented for the journal.
ITS Japan promotes research, development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The organization facilitates the creation of transportation systems that are safe, comfortable and kind to the environment, thereby providing a base for solid economic growth and contributing to a more affluent society. ITS Japan works on a world-wide scale to make transportation systems that interact ideally with humans, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of ITS.

Springer (www.springer.com) is a leading global scientific publisher of books and journals, delivering quality content through innovative information products and services. It publishes close to 500 academic and professional society journals. Springer is part of the publishing group Springer Science+Business Media. In the science, technology and medicine (STM) sector, the group publishes around 2,000 journals and more than 6,500 new books a year, as well as the largest STM eBook Collection worldwide. Springer serves the global scientific and research community and has operations in about 20 countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and more than 5,000 employees.

International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research ISSN: 1868-8659 (electronic version)


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