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January 27, 2007

The conference will bring together scientists, engineers interested in the properties and applications of self-assembling polymers and amphiphiles. Such materials are of significant technological importance in areas such as drug delivery and controlled release, personal care products, rheology modification, coatings and printing, petroleum recovery, and food engineering. Moreover, it is becoming apparent that such materials represent a unique class of soft matter, providing a useful subject for theoretical consideration/numerical simulation; many features of their behavior mimicking on a basic level processes occurring in biological systems. Their rich phase behavior, complex long timescale dynamics and interactions with particulate phases are also key areas of interest. As well as formal presentations, this conference is intended to provide a forum for informal discussions and social interaction between researchers and users of the technology.

Papers and poster presentations are solicited.

The conference is sponsored by Engineering Conferences International, and is being organized and chaired by Drs. S. Khan, North Carolina State University, and R. Prud'homme, Princeton University.

In each of the sessions, the speakers will define the current state of the art and suggest new and promising research directions. There will be extensive formal discussion periods in each session and informal discussions will be encouraged.

Session topics will include: Synthesis: Following the conference, speakers and poster presenters will be invited to submit their work to a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.

Engineering Conferences International

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