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Issue explores implications of Trump presidency for negotiation and conflict resolution

February 05, 2019

Hoboken, N.J--February 5, 2019--A new special issue of Negotiation Journal presents an overview of the negotiation tactics of U.S. President Donald Trump and their wider implications across the field.

Thought leaders have been brought together to comment on the various ramifications of the Trump presidency for negotiation and conflict resolution. The issue also features two case analyses of Trump as a negotiator, as well as a review essay on a recent book covering the same topic.

"For the first time in its thirty-five year history, Negotiation Journal has published a special issue focused on the negotiation and conflict resolution impact of an American president," said Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Editor for the journal. "Thirty-five experts analyze Trump's bargaining style, highlighting the many ways that he challenges bargaining norms, and consider his impact on such areas as international diplomacy, trade negotiations, business and labor, disputant behavior, and societal conflict."

Find the Editor's Note description for the special issue here:

This issue will be made freely accessible for the year. See below for a full table of contents from the special issue.

Special Issue: Negotiation and Conflict - Resolution in the Age of Trump

Table of Contents

Case Analyses:
  • Hard-core Toughie: Donald Trump's Negotiations for the United States Presidency - Ilias Kapoutsis and Roger Volkema
  • Art of the Power Deal: The Four Negotiation Roles of Donald J. Trump - Eugene B. Kogan

Commentaries: Trump's Impact on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution:

Negotiation Theory
  • What Have We Learned About Negotiation from Donald Trump? - Dean G. Pruitt
  • The Risks and Benefits of Unilaterally Changing the Rules of the Game - Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Robert McKersie, and Richard E. Walton

Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Unilateral Diplomacy: Trump and the Sovereign State - Daniel Druckman
  • Fumbling Abdication: Make America Diplomatic Again - Anthony Wanis-St. John
  • International Diplomacy after Trump, with Antecedents - William Zartman
  • Will the Trump Administration Change International Diplomacy? - Eileen F. Babbitt

  • Substituting for United States-led Multilateralism - Paul F. Diehl
  • Peacebuilding in the Era of Trump: Deal or No Deal? - Denise Crossan
  • Negotiating Peace from Inside Out: Spinoza as a Responsible Trump - Alain P. Lempereur
  • Ends versus Means: Trump's Impact on Peacebuilding - Susan G. Hackley

Trade Negotiations
  • Trump on Trade - Larry Crump
  • Trump and the Practice of International Trade Negotiation - John S. Odell

Business Negotiations
  • Trump's Lessons for Business Negotiators - Thomas Kochan
  • The Impact of Trump's Approach on Business Negotiations: "Negligible" - Roy J. Lewicki

Mediation, Arbitration and Other Neutral Roles
  • Trump's Approach to Conflict Resolution: Effect on Disputants and Neutrals - Stephen B. Goldberg
  • Trump's Dispute Resolution Legacy in the Workplace - Richard D. Fincher
  • Conflict, Culture, and Community: Dispute Resolution after Trump - Gail S. Packer
  • Conflict, Negotiation, and Public Policy Mediation in the Trump Era - Susan L. Podziba

Gender and Race
  • Her Place at the Table: Gender and Negotiation after Trump - Deborah Kolb
  • Will Gender Trump Trump in the Workplace? - Marian Baird
  • Negotiating Race in the Workplace after Trump - Michael Z. Green

Teaching Negotiation
  • Begun, The Trust War Has: Teaching Negotiation when Truth Isn't Truth - Noam Ebner
  • From Hot-Potato Questions to Teachable Moments: Using Analysis and Meta-Evaluation to Address Trump in the Negotiation Classroom - Melissa Manwaring
  • Negotiating from the Bully Pulpit: Teaching Trump, Tactics, and Turmoil - Andrea Kupfer-Schneider

Future Generations
  • The Culture of Negotiation: Trumpian Imprints on the Future? - Carrie Menkel-Meadow
  • Learning about Negotiating Intangibles - for Ill and for Good - Mary Rowe
  • Tentative Teachings on Conflict from Trump's Tumultuous Tenure in Office - Peter T. Coleman
  • Tribalism in the Trump Era: The Societal Resilience Index - Daniel L. Shapiro and Mikhaila Fogel

Review Essay:
  • Transactional Man: Teaching Negotiation Strategy in the Age of Trump - G. Richard Shell
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