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Smart lighting control systems can mean a saving of 400€ a year in the electricity bill

February 06, 2019

A group of researchers at the Higher Technical School of Architecture at the University of Seville have developed a predictive method for quantifying, by means of simulations of new dynamic metrics, the potential energy and economic saving that using smart lighting control systems brings. These smart systems are tremendously effective for saving energy, and are also very easy to install. Apart from in very particular situations, such as in rooms with little natural light or in very small rooms, the cost of installation of smart systems pays for itself in less than three years.

"To support this idea, we can look at the example, thinking of a conventional premises or office of 80 square metres - in the context of the climate conditions in Spain and that country's energy costs -of a smart system, made up of a lighting voltage regulator controlled by a photosensitive cell pays for itself in less than a year and can generate a saving in electricity costs of more than €4000 over 10 years. Also, this example supposes that the office uses very efficient LED lighting. If the office had halogen or fluorescent lighting, the saving in electricity costs would be even higher, between three and ten times so", explains the University of Seville teacher Ignacio J. Acosta.

For this study, the researchers based their work on "daily performance metrics' with which they addressed quantifying lighting conditions throughout the year, taking into account climatic conditions and hours of activity.

This research has been financed by the project Dynalight, from the competitive bidding process Retos 2017, promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

University of Seville

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