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ESMO Summit Africa 2017 starts tomorrow

February 09, 2017

Lugano, Cape Town, Feb. 9, 2017 - ESMO, the leading European professional organisation for medical oncology, is pleased to announce the ESMO Summit Africa 2017, taking place at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, from 10 to 12 February 2017.

ESMO Summit Africa 2017 is a three-day educational event with presentations focused on several key disease sites, created for oncology professionals in Africa by international and local key opinion leaders.

"Our objective is to provide the local oncology community with a summary of the most significant treatment advances presented at the ESMO Congress, our annual international event," said Professor Andrés Cervantes, Spain, Chair of the Summit as well as of the ESMO Educational Committee. "We will also review the current standard of care for key malignancies from a local and international perspective," he announced.

"We look forward to discussing the current controversies in the management of specific cancers," explained Professor Jeannette Parkes, South Africa, who is Local Co-Chair of the Summit, together with Doctor Bernardo Rapoport. "The programme was designed specifically to help meet the needs of both senior and younger oncology professionals in Africa. This is also a unique opportunity to network and meet experts in the field," she said.

ESMO Summit Africa 2017 is relevant to professionals such as medical and clinical oncologists, pharmacists, nurses, students, fellows, residents and general practitioners in oncology.

Cervantes concluded: "We are pleased to host this meeting with our African colleagues. Our combined efforts are in line with ESMO's vision of erasing boundaries in cancer care, whether between countries or specialties, and to pursue our mission across oncology, worldwide."

European Society for Medical Oncology

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