Springer in joint project with the Italian Society of Internal Medicine

February 16, 2007

Starting this year, Springer will publish Internal and Emergency Medicine (IEM), the official journal of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine (SIMI). By adding this English-language, peer-reviewed journal to its portfolio, Springer confirms its commitment to support societies in their mission to advance scientific knowledge globally.

Founded in 1986 as Annali Italiani di Medicina Interna, the journal took on a new name and an international profile in 2006 to better represent the growing impact of the Italian medical community abroad. Internal and Emergency Medicine's primary aim is to promote improved patient care as well as research in internal and emergency medicine. IEM publishes original research, review articles, clinical letters, editorials and commentaries. It is divided into two sections, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, with two separate editorial boards. Professor Gian Franco Gensini, Head of the Operative Unit of Clinical Medicine and Cardiology of the University of Florence, Italy, is Editor-in-Chief. Springer will publish the first issue in March 2007.

Dr. Madeleine Hofmann, Managing Director at Springer Italia, said, "We are proud that one of the most important Italian medical societies has decided to publish its official journal with us. As an international publisher, Springer will increase the journal's worldwide visibility with services such as SpringerLink, which will provide readers with online access to the journal."

The president of SIMI, Professor Giuseppe Licata, said, "Our partnership with Springer guarantees international exposure and simpler access to the journal, and provides improved editorial support." Editor-in-Chief Professor Gian Franco Gensini continued, "We are excited and pleased to be working with Springer which has a long record of innovation and professionalism in medical publishing."

In addition to the quarterly print version, fast publication in Online First™ will make the journal articles accessible and searchable within the framework of SpringerLink, Springer's online information platform. IEM offers all authors, via Springer Open Choice™, the option of publishing their articles using the open access model once they have been accepted for publication. As a special introductory feature, the contents of IEM will be freely accessible online for the first year of publication at www.springerlink.com.
Founded in 1887, the Italian Society of Internal Medicine is, with 2,500 members, the largest Italian society in the field of internal medicine. The mission of the Society is to bring together the best internists and emergency physicians to foster an exchange of opinions and knowledge. The Society is dedicated to the further development of young physicians and devoted to Continuing Medical Education, which allows physicians to continually update their knowledge and skills.

Springer (www.springer.com) is the second-largest publisher worldwide in the science, technology, and medicine (STM) sector and publishes on behalf of more than 300 academic associations and professional societies. Springer is part of Springer Science+Business Media, one of the world's leading suppliers of scientific and specialist literature. The group publishes over 1,700 journals and more than 5,500 new books a year, as well as the largest STM eBook Collection worldwide. Springer has operations in over 20 countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and some 5,000 employees.


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