Now accepting nominations for the $10,000 Maxwell A. Pollack Award

February 17, 2004

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is now accepting nominations for the 2004 Maxwell A. Pollack Award. This award recognizes instances of practice informed by research and analysis, research that directly improved policy or practice, and distinction in bridging the worlds of research and practice. Individual(s) who are mid-career and actively engaged in the conception and development of innovative programs that demonstrate excellence in translating research into practical application or policy are eligible for this award.

This award carries a cash prize and symbol totaling $10,000 and covers travel expenses to The Gerontological Society of America's Annual Scientific Meeting. This years Annual Scientific Meeting will be held November 19-23, 2004 in Washington, DC. Previous winners of this prestigious award were Jennie Chin Hansen, PhD (On Lok) in 2002 and Stephen McConnell, PhD (Alzheimer's Association) in 2003.

The Maxwell A. Pollack Award was created in memory of Dr. Maxwell A. Pollack, a Northwestern University alumnus for his contributions to geriatrics and gerontology. Nominations for this award must include a nomination form, a current resume or curriculum vitae, and a 2-3 page narrative containing the following: a detailed description of the specific example(s) of bridging practice and research including:
a) the policy or practice change that occurred and why the contribution is significant;
b) the research upon which the policy or practice change is based;
c) the significant contributions of the research to this policy and/or practice;
d) the potential impact of this change on the lives of older people: and
e) the broader impact or potential for replication. Self-nominations are acceptable.
The nominated individual(s) need not be a member of The Gerontological Society of America but nominations of non-members need an endorsement by at least one GSA member.

The deadline for the Maxwell A. Pollack Award is May 5, 2004. For further details and to obtain a nomination form for this award, please visit The Gerontological Society of America's Web Site at or contact Christina Leone, Awards Coordinator, at

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