MD Anderson receives $14 million in CPRIT research funding to recruit top talent

February 17, 2016

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was awarded $14 million this week from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) for the recruitment of three cancer scientists. The awards include $12 million for recruitment of two senior researchers and $2 million for a first-time, tenure-track faculty member

The awards accounted for 54 percent of the $26 million CPRIT awarded this week for recruitment of six cancer scientists to four Texas academic health institutions. Since its inception, CPRIT has awarded more than $281 million to MD Anderson.

"CPRIT is a vital source of funding that ultimately benefits our patients and others around the world facing a cancer diagnosis," said MD Anderson President Ronald DePinho, M.D. "This funding is crucial to our goal of attracting top research scientists to join our world-class faculty. I am thankful to the State of Texas and CPRIT for recognizing the significant work that occurs each day at MD Anderson as we work to accomplish our mission to end cancer."

CPRIT has awarded grants to Texas researchers, institutions, non-profits and private enterprises and provides funding through its research, scientific and product development and prevention programs. Programs made possible with CPRIT funding have reached every corner of the state, brought more than 100 distinguished researchers to Texas, advanced scientific and clinical knowledge, and provided more than 2.6 million life-saving education, training, prevention and early detection services to Texans.

"We continue to assemble a critical mass of expertise in cancer research in Texas through the recruitment of top scientists who have demonstrated academic excellence, innovation and potential for impact," said Wayne Roberts, CPRIT's chief executive officer. "These CPRIT grants have put Texas on the map as a destination for the best cancer researchers in the world."

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

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