Outstanding mathematicians singled out

February 20, 2009

Springer Science+Business Media authors were well represented at the prizes and awards ceremony of the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and Mathematical Association of America (MAA), held in Washington, DC, 5-8 January 2009.

Luis Caffarelli of the University of Texas at Austin received the 2009 AMS Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement. The Steele Prize is one of the highest distinctions in mathematics. Caffarelli is the author of The Obstacle Problem and co-author of two volumes in the book series Lecture Notes in Mathematics. He has also published articles in numerous Springer journals.

Richard Hamilton of Columbia University was awarded the 2009 AMS Leroy P. Steele Prize for a Seminal Contribution to Research, one of the highest honors a mathematician can receive. Hamilton is the author of Harmonic Maps of Manifolds with Boundary.

Joel Smoller of the University of Michigan was presented with the 2009 AMS-SIAM George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics. The prize is awarded every three years for an outstanding contribution to applied mathematics. He is the author of Shock Waves and Reaction-Diffusion Equations and the co-author of Shock Wave Interactions in General Relativity. He has also published articles in various Springer journals.

Christopher Hacon of the University of Utah and James McKernan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology received the 2009 AMS Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra. Presented every three years, it is one of the highest distinctions in algebra. Hacon and McKernan have published in many Springer journals, among them Manuscripta Mathematica, Inventiones Mathematicae, and Mathematische Zeitschrift.

Jeremy Gray of the Open University and the University of Warwick was presented with the 2009 AMS Albert Leon Whiteman Memorial Prize. Given every three years, the prize honors a notable exposition that centers on the history of mathematics and that reflects exceptional mathematical scholarship. Gray is the author of Worlds Out of Nothing and Linear Differential Equations and Group Theory from Riemann to Poincare and co-author of Mathematical Conversations. He is associate editor for the Archimedes Series and has contributed articles to many Springer journals, including The Mathematical Intelligencer.

George Csicsery, an independent filmmaker, was given the 2009 JPBM Communications Award. Presented annually by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, this award recognizes outstanding achievement in communicating about mathematics to non-mathematicians. Csicsery is the producer of the video N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös.

Maryam Mirzakhani of Princeton University was honored with the 2009 Leonard M. and Eleanor B. Blumenthal Award for the Advancement of Research in Pure Mathematics. This award recognizes an individual who has written an outstanding PhD thesis and thereby shows the potential for future distinguished research in mathematics. Mirzakhani has published in the Springer journal Inventiones Mathematicae.
The Joint Mathematics Meetings are held by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for the purpose of advancing mathematical achievement, encouraging research, and providing the communication necessary to progress in the field. The meetings serve to preserve, supplement, and utilize the results of the research of mathematicians the world over. Springer is one of the sponsors of the Meeting.


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