Cell Culture Engineering

February 26, 2008

Since the 1980s, animal cell culture technology has become essential for the production of an ever-increasing number of human and veterinary biopharmaceuticals. These bi-annual Cell Culture Engineering conferences are a leading venue for the academic, industrial and regulatory communities to learn and debate new concepts and issues related to animal cell culture research and development. The 11th anniversary of this highly successful conference series will be held at the top-ranked Hyatt Regency Coolum on the Sunshine coast of Australia.

This 2008 meeting will celebrate our conference tradition of high quality and relevance to both industrial and academic participants, with topics ranging from the frontiers of fundamental science to the engineering challenges of cell culture process development.

Oral Sessions

Workshop Sessions

Poster Sessions

Overall Chair: Laura Palomares (UNAM, Mexico)
Co-Chairs: Susan Casnocha (Pfizer, USA), Sherry Gu (Eli Lilly, USA), and William Miller (Northwestern University, USA)

Merck Award

The Merck Cell Culture Engineering Award recognizes an outstanding contributor to the field of Cell Culture Technology & Engineering and significant service and dedication to the profession. Martin Fussenegger is the recipient of the 2008 Award.

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