2007 BPS book award winner Andy Field to launch new edition at annual conference

March 25, 2009

Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington DC (25 March 2009) - A new edition of the widely-acclaimed Discovering Statistics Using SPSS by Andy Field will be launched at the British Psychological Society's (BPS) annual conference in April.

The book, which won the BPS book award last year, recognises the anxiety many social science students face when undertaking statistics courses, providing an accessible guide to all aspects of statistics from beginner to advanced-level. The textbook is adored by students internationally, thanks to the author's unique use of humorous real-world case studies.

"I believe that science should be fun, and so I like finding research that makes me laugh," writes Field in the book. Crammed with case-studies the book presents real-world research that helps readers to understand how to apply statistical analysis, drawing on unusual (and often amusing) circumstances. Examples range from ejaculating quails to ovulating lap dancers.

The new edition has been fully revised and restructured with SPSS versions 16 and 17; significantly more introductory material; new chapters on research methods, graphs, and multilevel linear models; and a wide range of supporting materials in the online companion website (http://www.uk.sagepub.com/field3e). New online materials include a range of videos in which Andy explains various functions in SPSS, with the occasional extract of him playing in his heavy metal band thrown in too.

Discovering Statistics Using SPSS 3e aims to be the only statistics textbook a student will ever need to buy. Andy Field's humorous and self-deprecating style and the book's host of characters, including 'Jane Superbrain', 'Oliver Twisted' and 'Satan's Personal Statistics Slave', make the journey entertaining as well as educational.
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (Third Edition) is published this month by SAGE, and is available in paperback and hard cover:

Paperback ISBN: 9781847879073 £34.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781847879066 £90.00

The new edition will be launched on April 1, 5.30 p.m. at the BPS annual conference, Holiday Inn, Brighton.

To receive a review copy please contact reviews@sagepub.co.uk

Based at the University of Sussex, Andy Field is a Reader in the Department of Psychology. For more information visit http://www.statisticshell.com/

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