World's top engineers in San Antonio for system of systems conference

April 10, 2007

The University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will host the 2nd Annual Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers System of Systems international conference April 15-18 at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio.

More than 200 attendees representing 15 countries including Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan and the United States are expected to attend. Conference highlights include tours and demonstrations from the research facilities at UTSA and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

System of systems technology involves organizational and industrial sectors working together efficiently to solve problems by integrating independent operational resources. The aerospace and defense industries have already embraced the technology which allows the integration of independent operational systems to create large "super systems" to complete a task.

"We will also announce a new national consortium that will bring military, industry and academia together to network to pursue large governmental contracts," said Mo Jamshidi, System of Systems Conference founder and UTSA Lutcher Brown Endowed Chaired Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Guest speakers include Ret. Gen. Don Walker, Aerospace Corp., Andrew Sage, George Mason University, George Wilber, Boeing Corp., Ret. Adm. Bobby Inman, University of Texas at Austin, Carl Siel, US Navy, Dale Compton, Purdue University, James Tien, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Lotfi Zadeh, University of California, Berkeley, Saeid Nahavandi, Deakin University of Australia and Walter Downing, SwRI.

IEEE System of Systems Conference 2007

Monday, April 16
9 a.m.
"Realizing a Corporate System of Systems Environment"
Ret. Gen. Donald Walker, Aerospace Corp.

10 a.m.
"From Engineering a System to Engineering an Integrated System Family"
Andrew Sage, George Mason University

11:20 a.m.
"A System of Systems Approach to Enabling the Commercial Airline Applications from an Airframer's Perspective"
George (Rick) Wilber, Boeing Corp.

1:20 p.m.
"Bringing Coherence to Large Scale Challenges"
Ret. Adm. Bobby Inman, UT-Austin

2:20 p.m.
"Systems of Systems Engineering in a System Centric Environment"
Carl Siel, US Navy

Tuesday, April 17
8 a.m.
"Engineering and the System of Health Care Delivery"
Dale Compton, Purdue University

10:20 a.m.
"From System Theory to Systems Engineering, Soft Computing and Beyond"
Lotfi A. Zadeh, UC-Berkeley

3:20 p.m.
"National Consortium on System of Systems (Panel Session)
Mo Jamshidi, System of Systems Conference General Chair

7:30 p.m.
"Interdisciplinary Research & Development for the Global Energy System of Systems"
Walter D. Downing, Southwest Research Institute

Wednesday, April 18
8 a.m.
"Modeling of Large Complex System from System of Systems Perspective"
Saeid Nahavandi, Deakin University, Australia
With more than 400,000 members in 175 countries, IEEE is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology in numerous areas including aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications, biomedical engineering, electrical power and consumer electronics.

For more information, contact Mo Jamshidi at (210) 458-7074 or visit

The University of Texas at San Antonio is one of the premier institutions of higher education in South Texas and one of the fastest growing universities in the state. One of nine academic universities and six health institutions that comprise the UT System, UTSA is the second largest institution in the system. Celebrating its 37th anniversary, UTSA serves more than 28,300 students enrolled in 63 bachelor's, 43 master's and 20 doctoral degree programs.

Programs are offered through the colleges of Architecture, Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Honors, Liberal and Fine Arts, Public Policy, and Sciences, and the Graduate School. A Top 100 Hispanic-serving institution, UTSA is ranked among the top 10. A university of access and excellence, UTSA is committed to research and discovery, teaching and learning, and public service.

University of Texas at San Antonio

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