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Sanyal Biotechnology LLC announces strategic partnership with OWL Metabolomics, S.L.

April 17, 2016

April 16, 2016 - Richmond, Virginia and Barcelona, Spain: Sanyal Biotechnology LLC and One Way Liver S.L. (OWL Metabolomics) have initiated a strategic partnership to provide increased value and additional R&D services to basic research and the pharmaceutical industry, announced at the International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Research companies and institutions who utilize Sanyal Biotechnology's full service preclinical drug screening services on the proprietary DIAMONDtm mouse model can now include advanced lipidomic profiling analysis on tissues such as the liver. Sanyal Biotechnology is engaged with OWL because of their excellent industry reputation for providing high-quality scientific data on the metabolomic profile of tissue and fluid samples. This partnership will result in an increase in the depth and quality of scientific data available to CRO's and pharmaceutical companies during their drug development process.

Rebecca Caffrey, CEO of Sanyal Biotechnology, said: "We are very excited by the great potential of this collaboration. Our DIAMONDtm mice are in great demand by pharmaceutical companies who are developing drugs to treat various aspects of the metabolic syndrome, particularly dyslipidemia and liver diseases such as NAFLD and NASH. Because the changes in lipid profiles of our model closely parallel those seen in the progression of human disease, our clients want to know how their drugs change the lipid profiles of the DIAMONDtm mice during the course of studies. By partnering with OWL, we are able to offer researchers excellent and accurate analyses that will enhance their preclinical drug development."

OWL's CEO, Pablo Ortiz, MD, PhD, added: "OWL Metabolomics and our team of liver research professionals are extremely excited to be involved in such an important partnership with Sanyal Biotechnology. Newly-developed drugs are becoming more targeted and personalized for many diseases, while regulatory authorities increasingly seek more specific technologies in evaluating early-stage drug candidates and determining the most appropriate patient selection for a given drug. We fully anticipate that our novel metabolomics-based testing will serve as a robust surrogate marker for specific histopathological changes in target organs"
About Sanyal Biotechnology

Sanyal Biotechnology is a contract research organization focused on accelerating the search for a cure for NASH. The company has proprietary technology, the DIAMONDtm mouse, which is a superior mouse model for the development of liver diseases that accompany the obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemics. Sanyal Biotechnology's preclinical drug screening services enable pharmaceutical companies to identify the compounds which are most likely to succeed in human clinical trials, thus shortening the timeline to drug approval.

Sanyal Biotechnology LLC is a privately held company based in Richmond, Virginia. The company was spun out of Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015.

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About OWL Metabolomics

OWL Metabolomics is a biotechnology company committed to the identification, validation and global commercialization of diagnostic assays for the liver and other prevalent human diseases, including the identification of potential therapeutic targets involved in the development of such diseases. Since its inception in 2002, OWL has pioneered novel diagnostic research within the fatty liver space.

The 'OWL Liver' and 'OWL Liver Care' assays are the world's first metabolomics-based in-vitro tests for diagnosing NASH and hepatic steatosis (NAFLD), respectively, using micro-blood samples ( <0.5 ml) versus today's diagnostic gold-standard which mandates an invasive liver biopsy.

OWL Metabolomics is a privately-held company based in Derio, Spain and collaborates globally with hospitals, liver research centers, biotechnology groups and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Contact: Sanyal Bio Investor Relations:
Rebecca Caffrey/ Steve Carroll
Chief Executive Officer CFO
US 804-594-6863 US 804-594-6863

European Association for the Study of the Liver

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