Calhoun to deliver intellectual property lectures in Denmark

April 24, 2007

HOBOKEN, N.J. " Professor George Calhoun has been invited to give two presentations to the Annual IP Conference of the Danish Patent & Trademark Office as part of World Intellectual Property Day. Calhoun, Executive-in-Residence at Stevens Institute of Technology"s Howe School of Technology Management, will lead a workshop, "How to Manage the Trolls," on April 26. On April 27, he will conduct the seminar, "Evolving Business Models for Intellectual Property Assets: From Pools to Trolls - Implications for Patent Policy."

"Intellectual property rights have a long legal tradition on both sides of the Atlantic. Over the past two decades the enormous growth in the imputed value of IP-based assets has brought the issue to the strategic center for most businesses today. IP used to be an ancillary or subsidiary aspect of most commercial activities. Today it is becoming a CEO-level concern. In macroeconomic terms, IP policy is now at the top of the agenda for managing the consequences of globalization and trade," said Calhoun.

Public sector approaches to IP management are still immature in many respects. "Policy initiatives are sometimes fragmented between legal and economic policy perspectives. In the private sector, creative new business models for monetizing IP are being explored, sometimes with disruptive consequences for more traditional commercial practices. Examples include the somewhat disorganized emergence of open-source initiatives on IP (now promoted by the likes of IBM and Apple); more structured "patent pools" for complex technologies like MP3, and perhaps most alarmingly, by the advent of so-called patent trolls " companies formed solely to acquire and exploit IP assets without the traditional baggage of manufacturing and sales of products," he said.

Calhoun holds a doctorate from The Wharton School and is a member of the Stevens" Patent & Intellectual Property Policy Committee. He has more than 25 years of experience within wireless telecommunication at executive and board level, with direct responsibility for several IP licensing programs. He is currently writing a new book on the topic of emerging IP business models.
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