Leslie R. Brunell receives ASCE Educator of the Year Award

April 30, 2007

HOBOKEN , N.J. -- Dr. Leslie R. Brunell, a lecturer in civil engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology and a Stevens alumna, has been named Educator of the Year 2007 by the North New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The award is given annually to an individual who, as a teacher or administrator, has had a positive impact upon the engineering profession. It is based on nominations from student chapters of the ASCE from across Northern New Jersey .

The award will be presented at the ASCE Awards Banquet, May 17, 2007, at The Newark Club in Newark , N.J.

"Leslie brings tremendous energy and caring into the classroom, and we are proud that her impact as an educator has been recognized by the ASCE," said David Vaccari, director of the Stevens Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering.

"Leslie's success in arranging numerous student project sponsorships and internships, often with major engineering firms, is truly something to be celebrated."

Brunell holds three degrees from Stevens, including a doctorate (1996) in Civil Engineering and a master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In addition to her duties as lecturer, she directs the Graduate Water Resources program. She also serves as the civil engineering senior design coordinator, recruiting pofessional sponsors and assisting student design teams in organizing and completing the major design projects required for graduation.

Brunell began teaching at Stevens in 1996. Among the undergraduate courses she offers are Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Water Resources Engineering, Civil Engineering Senior Design, Surveying and Mechanics of Solids. She teaches graduate courses in Drainage Design and also in Advanced Hydrology.

Among the professional organizations in which Brunell holds membership are the American Water Works Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the American Society of Engineering Educators. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of New Jersey.
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