The critical disconnect between the poor and gainful employment -- William Julius Wilson

April 30, 2013

Starting this year, the Academy is inviting Moynihan Prize recipients to deliver a major public policy address on a topic of their choosing. We are proud to announce that William Julius Wilson, the 2013 Moynihan Prize winner and Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor at Harvard University will give the first such lecture. Wilson's inaugural Daniel Patrick Moynihan Lecture will focus on the critical disconnect between the poor and gainful employment. Wilson argues that the changes in the structure of the US labor market mainly hits people living in neighborhoods with weak institutional resources and holding jobs in the most vulnerable economic sectors. This is particularly true for disadvantaged black and Latino workers, because of these groups' concentration in neighborhoods with insufficient infrastructures and enrollment in failing schools. The plight of these workers, says Wilson, calls for a comprehensive policy initiative that addresses all these problems and appreciates how they are inextricably connected.


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