The Gerontological Society of America chooses 2006 Hartford Faculty Scholars

May 02, 2006

Twelve outstanding geriatric social work faculty members have been chosen as the newest inductees into the Hartford Faculty Scholars Program, a venture funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation, administered by The Gerontological Society of America, and directed by Dr. Barbara Berkman. The individuals who receive this distinction are provided with opportunities for professional development and $100,000 in funding over the next two years.

Now in its seventh year, the award aims to improve the well-being of older adults by increasing the number of adequately trained geriatric social workers. Listed below are the new faculty scholars and the primary topics of their research.

Kathryn Betts Adams, PhD
Case Western Reserve University
Research Topic: Subthreshold depression among older adults in congregate housing: Characterization and screening
Institutional Sponsor: David Biegel
National Research Mentor: Amy Horowitz

Harriet L. Cohen, PhD
Texas Christian University
Research Topic: Narratives of forgiveness among older Holocaust survivors
Institutional Sponsor: Roberta Greene
National Research Mentor: Betty Kramer

Joy Swanson Ernst, PhD
Hood College
Research Topic: Risk and protective factors for caregiver neglect of older adults: a study of adult protective services case records
Institutional Sponsor: Kerry J. Strank
National Research Mentor: Jordan Kosberg

Denise Gammonley, PhD
University of Central Florida
Research Topic: Nursing home psychosocial care for older adults with a history of mental health treatment
Institutional Spronsor: Eileen Mazur
National Research Mentor: Rosalie Kane

Daniel S. Gardner, PhD
New York University
Research Topic: An explanatory evaluation of a psychoeducational multifamily group for older adults with advanced cancer and their family caregivers
Institutional Spronsor: Deborah Padgett
National Research Mentor: Jan Greenberg

Marie Liston, PhD
Rutgers University
Research Topic: Meeting the needs of older veterans through the VA System: Voices of users of outpatient health care services
Institutional Sponsor: Stephen Crystal
National Research Mentor: Vickie Raveis

Crystal Dea Moore, PhD
Skidmore College
Research Topic: Health care communication and decision making: The caregiver's role in supporting older patients
Institutional Sponsor: Mary Ann Foley
National Research Mentor: Rhonda Montgomery

Anissa Taun Rogers, PhD
University of Portland
Research Topic: Health disparities among older Latinos: Examining relationships between sociocultural factors, health literacy, and health behaviors
Institutional Sponsor: Martin Monto
National Research Mentor: Peter Maramaldi

Marie Savundranayagam, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Research Topic: The impact of psychoeducational programs on spouse caregivers of persons with dementia: pilot testing an evaluation framework
Institutional Sponsor: Rhonda Montgomery
National Research Mentor: Nancy Morrow-Hallow

Fengyan Tang, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Research Topic: The longitudinal effects of elder service programs on older volunteers' health: The role of individual experience and institutional factors
Institutional Sponsor: Rafael Engel
National Research Mentor: Lenard Kaye

Bradley Zodikoff, PhD
Adelphi University
Research Topic: Providers' perceptions of barriers to geriatric mental health care
Institutional Sponsor: Roni Berger
National Research Mentor: David Biegel

Cheryl Waites, PhD
North Carolina State University
Research Topic: Promising health promotion strategies and interventions: SW practice with racial and ethnic elders
Institutional Sponsor: Rupert W. Nacoste
National Research Mentor: Mary Altpeter

Berkman, the Helen Reher/Ruth Fizdale Professor at Columbia University's School of Social Work, works together with a national program committee, which plays a role in selecting the Scholars. This board consists of Amanda S. Barusch of the University of Utah, David E. Biegel of Case Western Researve University, Namkee Choi of the University of Texas at Austin, Nancy R. Hooyman of the University of Washington, Amy Horowitz of Lighthouse International, Rosalie A. Kane of the University of Minnesota, James Lubben of the Hartford Doctoral Fellows Program, Deborah K. Padgett of New York University, Jack R. Sellers of the University of North Alabama, and Marsha Mallick Seltzer of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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