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Radiologist Aruna Vade, M.D., receives highest honor from Chicago Radiological Society

May 04, 2016

MAYWOOD, IL - The Chicago Radiological Society has given Loyola Medicine pediatric radiologist Aruna Vade, MD, FACR, its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Vade was honored for her "outstanding leadership in organized medicine on local, state and national levels and her many years of dedicated service to radiology."

Dr. Vade is medical director of pediatric radiology and a professor in the departments of radiology and pediatrics at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. She is a fellow of the American College of Radiology.

Dr. Vade is a past councilor and current alternate councilor for the American College of Radiology and a member of the executive committees of the Chicago and Illinois radiological societies. She has served on numerous committees and in various officer positions for local and state radiological societies, including president of the Chicago and Illinois radiological societies. She is a member of the Pediatric Radiology Committee of the American College of Radiology and also has served on the college's credentials committee.

Dr. Vade has been active in the Indian Medical Association of Illinois, serving on its executive committee and in various officer positions, including president.

Dr. Vade is an author of two book chapters and 64 papers in peer-reviewed medical journals. She is a reviewer for two medical journals, Pediatric Radiology and Case Reports in Radiology. She has given 90 presentations and invited lectures and more than 50 scientific exhibits at local, national and international meetings.

Dr. Vade and her husband, Suresh Vade, MD, have two children, Shilpa, a radiologist who trained under Dr. Aruna Vade at Loyola, and Anand, and two grandchildren. Dr. Vade and her husband live in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and have traveled extensively throughout the world. They have visited every continent, including Antarctica.

Loyola University Health System

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