'Stigma from science' at the APS 19th Annual Convention

May 08, 2007

This year's presidential symposium at the 19th Annual Convention for the Association for Psychological Science is titled "Stigma from Science: Group Difference, not Group Deficits" and will be chaired by APS President and University of Wisconsin autism scholar Morton Ann Gernsbacher.

The panel aims to explore how scientific investigations into group differences can lead to stigmatization of certain populations by portraying them in an undesirable light.

Rounding off the distinguished panel are Susan Fiske, Princeton University; Gregory Herek, University of California, Davis; James Jones, University of Delaware and Douglas Medin, Northwestern University.

Throughout the symposium they will explore historical examples of such "stigma from science" in studies of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and culture, and suggest strategies for avoiding these problems in psychological research.

This panel is a must for any science or health reporter who fashions themselves as an arbiter of research and is committed to providing the most accurate scientific information to the public.

Please join us at the convention May 24-27 in Washington, DC.
For more information on the APS 19th Annual Convention and to browse the interactive program, please visit: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/convention.

Members of the media receive a complimentary registration. To register, e-mail your contact information, including your name, name of your organization, address, phone and e-mail to media@psychologicalscience.org.

Association for Psychological Science
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