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Concordia welcomes world's best synthetic biology researchers

May 17, 2012

Montreal, May 18, 2012 - What do synthetic fuels, new treatments for malaria and genetic engineering have in common? In a word, biology. To examine the wide-reaching implications of this evolving discipline, Concordia University's Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics presents Building Biology: A Symposium on Synthetic Biology.

Held at Concordia's Loyola Campus on May 21, the symposium brings together the world's top researchers on the subject, including academics from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins. Because this event is closely tied into the work of Concordia's cutting-edge genomics laboratory, the President and CEO of Genome Canada, Pierre Meulien, will give the welcoming address.

What: Building Biology: A Symposium for Synthetic Biology
When: Monday, May 21, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Where: Concordia University, Loyola Campus, 7141 Sherbrooke Street West, SP S-110

The purpose of this symposium is to foster interaction between established synthetic biologists in Canada and North America. The event represents a cornerstone in the creation of a synthetic biology research hub for Canada while putting Concordia on the map as the prime location for research in synthetic biology.

Speakers include: Pierre Meulien (Genome Canada), Jay Keasling (University of California Berkeley), Jack Newman (Amyris Inc.), Peter Facchini (University of Calgary), Ron Weiss (MIT), Pamela Silver (Harvard University), Radhakrishnan Mahadevan (University of Toronto), Matthew Scott (University of Waterloo), Mads Kaern (University of Ottawa), Joel Bader (John Hopkins University) and Nathan Hillson (Joint BioEnergy Institute).
This symposium is generously sponsored by Concordia University, Genome Quebec, CSFG, PhytoMetaSyn, CRIBIQ, DNA 2.0 and IDT.

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