Leading Biomedical Scientists From Ten Countries To Present Their Research At HHMI Conference In Moscow On June 22-25

May 20, 1999

CHEVY CHASE, Md., May 20, 1999—The news spotlight in Moscow expands to include science on June 22-25, 1999, when 33 of Russia's leading biomedical researchers gather with colleagues from nine other countries to discuss their latest findings on how viruses infect cells, genetic defects lead to cancer and other topics at the frontier of biology.

The four-day conference at the Radisson Slavjanskaya Hotel brings together International Research Scholars of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), one of the world's largest philanthropies.

A special program for journalists on Wednesday, June 23, will present some of this research in non-technical language along with a workshop on "science journalism" in Russia and a panel discussion among national leaders about Russia's science policies. (See below for details on this program.) HHMI President Purnell W. Choppin presents the keynote speech at an opening dinner on June 22.

HHMI is a non-governmental organization whose primary purpose is to carry out biomedical research with its own scientific teams across the United States. In addition, HHMIawards grants to improve science education in the United States and support the research of outstanding biomedical scientists in selected countries.

In 1995, HHMI launched a five-year grants program totaling $15 million to support research by scientists in 10 countries at their own institutions. The 90 International Research Scholars, selected from more than 2,000 applicants, are citizens of Russia (36), Hungary (14), Czech Republic (12), Poland (12), Slovakia (6), Lithuania (3), Ukraine (3), Estonia (2), Belarus (1) and Latvia (1). The Russian scientists are based in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg. Two-thirds of the grants also promote joint research between the International Research Scholars and collaborating scientists in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and Australia. The scholars met previously in Budapest (1998), Warsaw (1997) and Prague (1996). Since 1991, HHMI has awarded $53 million to scientists in 19 countries through its international program.

The Moscow conference will primarily feature scientific talks, in English. Simultaneous translation into Russian will be provided only during the special June 23 program:

All events will be held in the Pushkin Room at the Radisson Slavjanskaya Hotel in Moscow

Reporters should reserve a place for the June 23 program. Please contact HHMI's Cindy Fox Aisen; Tel.: 317-843-2276; Fax: 317-843-8303; E-mail: caisen@iupui.edu. Registration forms can also be obtained from HHMI's Moscow office at Shemyakin Institute, Building 32, Suites 214/215, 16/10 Miklukho-Maklaya St., Moscow. Tel: 095-956-6815, Fax: 095-956-6816.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute
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