2nd European Cancer Patient Seminar

June 09, 2003

People with cancer, doctors and politicians are joining forces in Edinburgh on June 20 and 21 to improve the care of patients with cancer. At a special seminar organised by the European Society for Medical Oncology, patients and oncologists will aim to create a genuine patient-physician partnership that spans Europe.

Supported by various European cancer groups, the seminar will reflect the true spirit of partnership:

  • Patients have collaborated with oncologists in planning an extremely interesting programme,
  • Lectures will be given by both patients and physicians,
  • Patients and oncologists will meet for an interactive joint session, where both sides will express and explain their positions on current issues in oncology.

    Cancer patients and their carers are invited to join us. You can tell us what patients and their families want from their ideal cancer doctor. Doctors will tell you what they expect from patients. Together we can discuss what can be done to improve communication - and ultimately improve healthcare services for cancer patients.

    If you are interested in attending, contact : ESMO Congress Secretariat
    Tel. 41-91-973-1919, alessia@esmo.org / chatrina@esmo.org
    The registration fee of EUR 30.- includes:

  • Participation in the ESMO Patient Seminar
  • Proceedings
  • Lunch and coffee breaks during the Seminar
  • If interested, attendance of the ESMO Summer Educational Conference

    Please note that the ESMO Congress Secretariat should be contacted if the registration fee presents a problem.
    For more information about the seminar, please visit: http://www.esmo.org/SummerConference/patientSeminar.html
    Press enquiries:
    Elaine Snell, ESMO Press Office (UK)
    Tel. 44-207-738-0424, elaine.snell@which.net
    Gracemarie Bricalli, ESMO Media Coordinator (Switzerland)
    Tel. 41-91-973-1911, gracemarie@esmo.org

    European Society for Medical Oncology

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