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MorNuCo Inc. becomes first recipient of award for research and science innovation

June 09, 2016

Dallas, Texas - June 9th, 2016 - MorNuCo Laboratories of West Lafayette, Indiana and its founders, D. James Morré, PhD, and Dorothy M. Morré, PhD, recently received the first ever L. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD Award for Research and Science Innovation in Aging and Age Management Medicine at the AMMG Conference in Orlando Florida on May 14th. This award honors the excellence and significant contributions that MorNuCo Laboratories has worked to achieve since the beginning of their research , including ENOX2 and the ONCOblot® Test. MorNuCo is elated to share this award with the public as they continue to move forward in the fight against cancer.

The award's origin spurs from Dr. Stephen L. Coles, who was a remarkable physician and researcher, who dedicated much of his life to advancing the field of age management. Sadly, the scientific and medical communities lost Dr. Coles in November of 2014. In large part, this award pays homage to Dr. Coles as a shining example of an individual with a desire to drive scientific discovery.

Upon receiving this award, Dr. D. James Morré stated, "It is a true privilege to be recognized for this award given that it is named after such an impactful person to this field."

Undoubtedly the Morrés exemplify the spirit for which this honor is awarded; a passion for discovery and the highest ethics and scientific values in conducting research and innovation within the fields of aging and age management medicine.

With the advent of technologies like the ONCOblot® Test that the Morrés have dedicated their lives to developing, physicians are increasingly finding themselves better prepared to handle age related diseases, such as cancer.

The L. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD Award for Research and Science Innovation in Aging and Age Management Medicine serves as a reminder of how much effort is being put forth to eliminate age related diseases - including cancer. It is a hopeful milestone for a cancer-free future and a wonderful award to solidify decades of hard work by the Morrés.
About ONCOblot®

The ONCOblot® Test was developed and created by Dr. D. James Morré and Dr. Dorothy M. Morré of MorNuCo, Purdue Research Park, West Lafayette, IN. The Morrés are committed to the premise that understanding cancer is the key to its conquest. The ONCOblot® test is based on more than 20 years of basic research and confirms the presence of cancer and the tissue of origin through the detection of ENOX2.

If you'd like more information about the ONCOblot® Test, please visit or e-mail

ONCOblot Labs

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