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OSA Publishing dominates the Optics category in latest Journal Citation Reports

June 15, 2016

WASHINGTON - The Optical Society (OSA) announced today that OSA Publishing remains the market leader in the field of optics and photonics. Its portfolio of 17 prestigious subscription-based and open access titles received the most citations (40% of the total) across the 90 titles in the Optics category in the 2015 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2016). Additionally, OSA Publishing's wholly-owned and co-published journals produced the largest number of articles published (35% of the total) of any other publisher in the category.

Optica, OSA Publishing's journal for high-impact research has been added to this year's Journal Citation Report with a partial Impact Factor (IF) score of 5.205. This number is based on citations to articles published in its first six issues rather than a full two-year span as is usual. Optica is a highly selective open-access journal that covers the entire spectrum of optics and photonics.

Advances in Optics and Photonics continues to grow in citations and has received an increased IF of 12.368, up 22% from 2015. Ranked third in the category, this prestigious journal provides comprehensive review articles and tutorials appropriate for students, researchers, faculty, business professionals and engineers across all areas of optics and photonics from fundamental science to engineering applications, including materials, devices and systems.

Additional Journal Citation Reports Highlights:
  • Photonics Research debuts with an IF of 3.179. This Journal is co-published with Chinese Laser Press of the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics.
  • Nine OSA-owned and co-published journals are among the top 25 titles ranked by IF.
  • Three OSA Publishing journals achieved a top five category ranking by total citations: Optics Express, Optics Letters and Applied Optics.
  • Three OSA Publishing journals rank among the top 10 in the category by Immediacy Index (measures how quickly the average article is cited): Advances in Optics & Photonics, Optica and Photonics Research.
  • Optics Express is ranked number one in the Optics category by Eigenfactor; joined by two more journals in the top five: Optics Letters and Applied Optics.
"We are pleased that OSA Publishing continue to be the market leader in the Optics category as this is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to provide our community with a wide range of high quality publications in which to publish their important research results," said Elizabeth Nolan, deputy executive director and chief publishing officer, The Optical Society. "The debut Impact Factors for Optica and Photonics Research as well as the 22% growth in Advances in Optics & Photonics Impact Factor are strong indicators of the value of our publishing program to the community. We recognize that these achievements would not be possible without the ongoing dedication of our editors and reviewers, and we thank them for their unwavering support and hard work."

Thomson Reuters is recognized as an authority for evaluating scientific journals. Detailed information about the Journal Citation Reports is available on the Thomson Reuters website. To learn more about the specific Journal Citation Reports metrics for OSA Journals, visit the Journal Metrics page on OSA Publishing.
About OSA Publishing

OSA Publishing's Digital Library offers the largest collection of peer-reviewed content in optics and photonics. This cutting-edge repository is comprised of content from 17 prestigious journals, OSA's flagship magazine as well as 640 conferences. With more than 304,000 journal articles and conference proceedings for its users to search and discover, OSA Publishing covers a wide breadth of disciplines within the field.

About The Optical Society

Founded in 1916, The Optical Society (OSA) is the leading professional organization for scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs who fuel discoveries, shape real-life applications and accelerate achievements in the science of light. Through world-renowned publications, meetings and membership initiatives, OSA provides quality research, inspired interactions and dedicated resources for its extensive global network of optics and photonics experts. For more information, visit

The Optical Society

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