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June 19, 2000

What: Salmon Expert Resource Guide Website


Why: Aid news media in coverage of complex issues behind the "Salmon Crisis" in the Pacific Northwest

Details: The National Sea Grant College Program Media Relations Office has made available on-line, in a print downloadable format (PDF), its 70-page "Sea Grant's Guide to Salmon Issues in the Pacific Northwest."

The publication provides basic resources for news media who are covering the salmon management debate concerning the Endangered Species Listings of 18 populations of salmon in the Pacific Northwest as endangered or threatened, and the debate about removal of Snake River dams. The media guide contains a list of Sea Grant-funded scientific researchers who have studied salmon-related issues in 15 different topical areas; contact listings for Federal, state, multi-state, and international agencies with salmon-related responsibilities; a selection of the many non-governmental organizations interested in various aspects of the salmon issues; a listing of salmon web-based resources for information; and reprints of selected facts sheets and news releases from NOAA Fisheries National Marine Fisheries Service.

National Sea Grant College Program

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Alaska's salmon are getting smaller, affecting people and ecosystems
The size of salmon returning to rivers in Alaska has declined dramatically over the past 60 years because they are spending fewer years at sea, scientists report.

Chinook salmon declines related to changes in freshwater conditions
A new University of Alaska-led study provides the first evidence that declines in many of Alaska's chinook salmon populations can be attributed in part to climate-driven changes in their freshwater habitats.

Size matters in the sex life of salmon
For Atlantic salmon, size matters when it comes to love.

What does drought mean for endangered California salmon?
Droughts threatens California's endangered salmon population -- but pools that serve as drought refuges could make the difference between life and death for these vulnerable fish.

Salmon provide nutrients to Alaskan streambanks
Nutrient cycling of stream ecosystems dependent on portion of salmons' lifecycle.

Melting glaciers will challenge some salmon populations and benefit others
A new Simon Fraser University-led study looking at the effects that glacier retreat will have on western North American Pacific salmon predicts that while some salmon populations may struggle, others may benefit.

Bigger doesn't mean better for hatchery-released salmon
A recent study in the Ecological Society of America's journal Ecosphere examines hatchery practices in regards to how Chinook salmon hatcheries in the PNW are affecting wild populations over the past decades.

Salmon get a major athletic boost via a single enzyme
A single enzyme anchored to the walls of salmons' blood vessels helps reduce how hard their hearts have to work during exercise by up to 27%.

Salmon are shrinking and it shows in their genes
Male salmon are maturing earlier and becoming smaller, and it shows in their genes.

Young salmon may leap to 'oust the louse'
A study by Simon Fraser University aquatic ecologists Emma Atkinson and John Reynolds reveals that young salmon may jump out of water to remove sea lice.

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