New volume presents broad view of geology of Mexico

July 05, 2007

Boulder, CO, USA - An English-language version of the Sociedad Geológica Mexicana centennial volume on the geology of México is now available. The new volume contains comprehensive reviews of some of México's major geologic provinces, analysis of major faults that constitute tectonic borders, and characterization of a number of the country's ore deposits.

Published by the Geological Society of America, Geology of México: Celebrating the Centenary of the Geological Society of México, is a translation of three special volumes of the Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana. The original volumes, published in 2005-2006, present a state of the art overview of several areas of Mexican geology.

"Our Society president at the time, Gustavo Tolson, realized that a broader audience would be interested in the papers," said volume co-editor Susana A. Alaniz-Álvarez of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). "He proposed that an English version be published as a Geological Society of America Special Paper."

Alaniz-Álvarez and her colleague Ángel F. Nieto-Samaniego, also of the Centro de Geociencias, UNAM, set about the task of preparing the publication.

Important geological provinces examined in the volume include the Sierra Madre Occidental, the Mexican plateau, and the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Geology and eruptive history of several of Mexico's great volcanoes are included.

A section on development of tectonic boundaries contains detailed research on México's major faults. Papers address age, kinematics, and different periods of activity associated with the Mojave-Sonora megashear, the Caltepec, Chacalapa and San Marcos faults, the Taxco-San Miguel fault system, and others.

A third series of articles focuses on a number of México's great mineral-deposit belts. Topics include epithermal deposits, epigenetic stratabound deposits, and deposit formation at shallow submarine hydrothermal vents.
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Geology of México: Celebrating the Centenary of the Geological Society of México
Susana A. Alaniz-Álvarez and Ángel F. Nieto-Samaniego (Eds.)
Geological Society of America Special Paper 422
2007, 458 pages, US$105.00, GSA member price US$73.00
ISBN 978-0-8137-2422-5

Geological Society of America

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