GSA 2007 Annual Meeting

July 06, 2007

Boulder, CO -- More than 6000 geoscientists will gather at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver 28-31 October for "2007: Earth Sciences for Society," the 119th annual meeting and exposition of the Geological Society of America. This is the first of three GSA Annual Meetings tied to themes of the International Year of Planet Earth, organized under the auspices of the Internal Union of Geological Sciences and the United National General Assembly.

Representatives of the media are cordially invited to attend and participate in technical sessions, field trips, and other special events. Eligible media will receive complimentary registration (see below) and are invited to use GSA's Newsroom facilities while at the meeting.

I. Scientific Program

Finalization of the scientific program is underway. Additional information will be made available when the technical program schedule is complete.


Topics addressed in these interdisciplinary, invited-speaker sessions include:For more information on Pardee Keynote Symposia visit


These interdisciplinary sessions involve a mix of invited and volunteered papers. A sampling of topics includes:For more information on the technical program visit Additional detail will be available following the abstract submittal deadline of 10 July 2007.


Trips of national and regional interest range from one to four days in duration and some are physically rigorous. Topics include:For more information on field trips visit

II. Media Participation

Eligibility for media registration is as follows:Journalists and PIOs must pay for any short courses or field trips in which they wish to participate.

Representatives of the business side of news media, publishing houses, and for-profit corporations must register at the main registration desk and pay the appropriate fees.

To access media registration, visit Pre-registration deadline for media is Monday, 22 October 2007.

Geological Society of America

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