DFG projects at the click of the mouse: Newly designed GEPRIS offers expanded information

July 08, 2011

What scientific projects has the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) funded in Madagascar since 1999? Which researchers were involved in what DFG projects? What locations in Baden-Württemberg have received funding for major instrumentation in recent years? Questions such as these relating to DFG-funded research projects are answered by GEPRIS, the German Project Information System. For over ten years, the DFG has been publishing its funding activities in the various programmes and funding lines on the internet at www.dfg.de/gepris; the system now offers expanded information and improved functionality.

Beginning now, GEPRIS users can also find information about the results of DFG-funded research projects. The system provides both a quality-assured summary and an overview of the publications based on the submitted final reports. More than 4,000 projects with final reports that were received between 2008 and 2010 are already available online; for all future projects, this information will be added as a standard procedure.

In addition to this extended content, GEPRIS also has a new look. The clear and user-friendly navigation allows for quick and efficient searches. Furthermore, the system is now offered in English, which, in particular, simplifies searches for international users. This, in turn, gives German researchers the possibility to use GEPRIS as a means of reference and to make one's research better known internationally.

GEPRIS currently provides information on more than 80,000 projects under the direction of more than 50,000 researchers at about 20,000 institutes at German universities and non-university research institutions. The database is continuously being updated. Thus, GEPRIS provides interested parties from science, media and the public with up-to-date answers to questions about DFG-funded projects and gives an overview of the activities of Germany's central research organisation - both nationally and internationally.
Further Information

GEPRIS is available at: www.dfg.de/gepris

As an additional source of information, visit the Research Explorer, a research directory that provides information on universities and non-university research institutions searchable by geographic location, subject and other structural criteria: www.dfg.de/research-explorer

Contacts at the DFG's Information Management Division:
Holger Hahnen, tel. +49 228 885-2136
Kerstin Hülemeyer, tel. +49 228 885-2130
E-mail contact: gepris@dfg.de

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
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