APS awards more than $200,000 to its 2001 Postdoctoral Fellowship winners

July 09, 2001

July 6, 2001 - Bethesda, Md. - The American Physiological Society has announced the winners of its 2001 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Physiological Genomics. The two-year award will provide funds totaling $69,000 to each of the three winning scientists including stipend and a mini research grant for each year.

2001 Winners of the APS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physiological Genomics:

Ryan M. Fryer, Ph.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin/Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Topic: Role of Alpha-Synuclein Mutations in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease

Jennifer C. Sullivan, Ph.D.
Medical College of Georgia
Topic: Influence of Gender on Genetic Hypertension

Shereeni Veerasingham, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Florida
Topic: Brain Na+/K+-ATPase Genomics and Control of Hypertension

The aim of this program is to advance the study of physiological genomics by furthering understanding of the genome in the context of the organism. The Fellowship was established to provide training that enables outstanding young scientists to combine the tools of cellular and molecular biology in the setting of the whole animal. Through these fellowships, awarded annually since 1995, APS has contributed nearly $800,000 to physiological genomics research.
For more information about APS and its Postdoctoral Fellowship in Physiological Genomics go to www.the-aps.org

The American Physiological Society is a non-profit, professional society that seeks to integrate the life sciences from molecule to organism. The Society is dedicated to fostering research, education and the dissemination of information about the function of the body and its organ systems. Through its journals, meetings and professional development awards, APS plays an essential role in the advancement of knowledge toward the understanding of basic biological function in living organisms. Founded in 1887, its membership now includes more than 10,000 professionals in science and medicine.

American Physiological Society

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