How To Improve Relationships Between Primary Care And Social Services

July 10, 1998

(From collaboration to commissioning: developing relationships between primary health and social services)

Since the publication in 1989 of the white paper, ëCaring for People', the benefits of collaboration between primary health and social services has been emphasised, write Caroline Glendinning et al from the University of Manchester in this week's BMJ. Basing a social worker or care manager in general practice can be of benefit to both professionals and patients; but the authors stress that planning services together can have longer term benefits.

The authors discuss what needs to be done to ensure that patients have speedier access to a wider range of services and conclude that the success of joint commissioning initiatives will depend upon the joint ownership and equal involvement of primary health and social services staff.

Ms Caroline Glendinning, Senior Research Fellow, National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester


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