Ecological Society of America 88th annual meeting

July 11, 2003

The five-and-a half-day program will include a full agenda of 24 symposia, numerous scientific field trips and workshops, and a large exhibit hall. A full agenda of meeting activities, including the entire preliminary program, is available on-line at

  • Emerging Diseases: Stressing the Union of Community Ecology and Epidemiology
  • Biodiversity and Ecological Processes in Agroecosystems
  • Societal Responses to Drought and Ecosystem Impacts
  • Global Carbon Cycle in a Changing Environment
  • Death of Determinism: Noise in a Non-linear World
  • Defining and Applying Environmental Indicators in Coastal Ecosystems
  • Severe Insect Outbreaks in North American Forests: Recent Trends, Long-term Recurrence, and the Role of Climate

    Members of the press (see policy below) are exempt from registration fees and are free to attend all meeting sessions. A staffed press room, including computers, a printer, fax, telephones, and an area for interviews, will be available.

    We are able to waive registration for reporters with: a recognized press card or current membership in the National Association of Science Writers, the Canadian Science Writers Association, the International Science Writers Association, or the Society of Environmental Journalists.

    Registration is also waived for Public Information Officers who can demonstrate membership in one of the above professional organizations.

    We do not waive registration for editors of peer-reviewed journals, ad sales representatives, publishers, program officers or marketing professionals.

    Press officers may request copies of all abstracts related to their institution. ESA will distribute any relevant press releases in the Annual Meeting press room. Please contact Annie Drinkard for more information.

    To register for the Annual Meeting, visit: and follow the instructions for the Press/Exhibitor/VIP form. Charges will be made should you select a scientific field trip, workshop, or ticketed event.

    Ecological Society of America

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