Animation library to increase science literacy in Victoria

July 26, 2016

Addressing a strong demand within the STEM community for meaningful and accessible education tools -- especially around complex topics, the project will offer valuable teaching and learning resources to schools and universities teaching biomedical science.

Leading the project is award-winning Walter and Eliza Hall Institute biomedical animator Dr Drew Berry. For over 20 years, Dr Berry has been dedicated to explaining science to broad audiences through his WEHI.TV biomedical animations.

"WEHI.TV is about sharing what is happening at the frontier of medical research in an entertaining and educational way," Dr Berry said.

As a trained cell biologist, I'm fluent in the language of science. As an artist, I interpret the latest in medical research through beautiful 3D visualisations," he said.

Dr Berry said WEHI.TV was like a powerful microscope, taking students of every age and skill level on a journey deep into the cells and tissues of the human body.

"WEHI.TV enables an intuitive understanding of processes that are impossible to see and difficult to imagine: students can encounter snaking strands of DNA, watch neurons pulsing with electric messages or travel inside an artery with the flow of blood."

The Telematics Trust has recognised the unique ability of Dr Berry's animations to easily and effectively communicate ideas about biomedical science across a range of topics from cancer, to the immune system to infectious disease, and is funding the project through the Telematics Course Development Fund.

The Trustees said the purpose of the Telematics Course Development Fund was to support high quality, innovative projects that use technology to transform lives through learning for the cultural, social and economic benefit of Victorians.

"We were impressed by Dr Berry's unique approach to communicating complex scientific ideas through an unrivalled and innovative use of animation technology.

The Telematics Course Development Fund is delighted to support this project enabling accurate and engaging biomedical animations to reach new audiences," the Trustees said.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

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