Charter offers ResearchChannel programming on VOD

August 15, 2006

St. Louis, Mo. -- All of Charter Communications' video on demand-enabled digital customers now have access to ResearchChannel's programming. ResearchChannel, a nonprofit media and technology organization, connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments, insights and discoveries affect our lives and futures.

"Special-interest programming like ResearchChannel is what is so great about VOD," said Jeff Jay, Charter's vice president of Product Development. "Leading-edge research is now available to Charter customers any time by way of video on demand. Remarkable speakers', researchers' and professors' revolutionary thoughts and discoveries can be accessed any time."

The Johns Hopkins University, the University of Washington and Howard Hughes Medical Institute are just a few of the world-renowned institutions that participate in ResearchChannel and whose programs will be featured on Charter VOD.

Charter has launched ResearchChannel to digital customers in all of its VOD-enabled service areas throughout the country. The entire ResearchChannel video library -- over 3,000 titles -- is available online at

"The goal of the world-class institutions that are part of ResearchChannel is to share research and scientific thinking on a panoply of subjects with as wide an audience as possible. Charter VOD brings this unique opportunity to a new audience. Through lectures, interviews and documentaries, viewers will hear firsthand, directly from researchers at leading institutions," said Amy Philipson, executive director of ResearchChannel.

One of the initial programs available on demand is the University of Virginia's "Faith, Certainty, and the Presidency of George W. Bush," in which author and journalist Ron Suskind unravels mysteries of the Bush administration. Another is "New Tests, New Treatments, Better Outcomes for Patients with Colorectal Cancer," from Stanford University Medical Center, which explains significant gains in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.

VOD viewers will also be able to watch legendary CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite in "A Conversation with Walter Cronkite," produced by the University of Southern California. Another program is "Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look," in which Jeff Dean talks about the importance of search on the Internet and the challenges it poses in computer science.
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About ResearchChannel
ResearchChannel is a nonprofit media and technology organization that connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments, insights and discoveries affect our lives and futures. ResearchChannel was founded in 1996 by leading research and academic institutions so they could share the work of their researchers with the public while collectively participating in advanced distribution and interactive technology experiments. Programs are shared in their original form, unmediated and without interruption. Today, more than 50 institutions participate as members and affiliates, and that number continues to grow. More information about ResearchChannel can be found at


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