Experts elucidate latest knowledge on phosphate metabolism and related disorders

August 17, 2020

Remarkable progress in our understanding of phosphate metabolism has been made over the last two decades, and this in turn has led to significant advances in the knowledge and management of diseases such as hypo- and hyperphosphatemia and tumour-induced osteomalacia, among other related disorders.

A special issue of Calcified Tissue International now features 10 invited reviews that elucidate the latest knowledge and noteworthy progress on phosphate metabolism. The issue has been curated by guest editors, Professors S. Minisola and ML Brandi, renowned experts in rare skeletal diseases.

Professors René Rizzoli and Stuart Ralston, Editors of Calcified Tissue International, noted: "These state-of-the-art reviews give insights into the physiology and pathology of phosphate metabolism as well as the important advances that have been made to date at the translational and clinical level. Importantly, they point to new directions for future research which are expected to benefit patients who suffer from phosphate wasting and related disorders. We sincerely thank the authors of these outstanding reviews for providing important and timely updates."
Read, share and download the following reviews:

* Minesola S, Brandi ML. Editorial: Phosphate Metabolism. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Peacock, M. Phosphate Metabolism in Health and Disease. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Kritmetapak, K., Kumar, R. Phosphate as a Signaling Molecule. Calcif Tissue Int (2019).

* Bhadada SK., Rao SD. Role of Phosphate in Biomineralization. Calcif Tissue Int (2020)

* Koumakis, E., Cormier, C., Roux, C. et al. The Causes of Hypo- and Hyperphosphatemia in Humans. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Imel, E.A. Congenital Conditions of Hypophosphatemia in Children. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Marcucci, G., Brandi, M.L. Congenital Conditions of Hypophosphatemia Expressed in Adults. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Ito, N., Fukumoto, S. Congenital Hyperphosphatemic Conditions Caused by the Deficient Activity of FGF23. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Bacchetta, J., Bernardor, J., Garnier, C. et al. Hyperphosphatemia and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Major Daily Concern Both in Adults and in Children. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Florenzano, P., Hartley, I.R., Jimenez, M. et al. Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia. Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

* Athonvarangkul, D., Insogna, K.L.

New Therapies for Hypophosphatemia-Related to FGF23 Excess.

Calcif Tissue Int (2020).

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