102nd American Political Science Association Annual Meeting examines role of power in politics

August 18, 2006

Washington, DC--The 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) will convene from August 31-September 3 in Philadelphia, PA on the timely theme of "Power Reconsidered." The APSA meeting is the world's largest gathering of political scientists; over 730 panels, round tables, and sessions will take place and approximately 7,000 participants are expected to attend.

From discussions about the "power elite" and "military-industrial complex" in the 1950s to more recent debates on the rule of law, political participation and equality, socio-economic disparities, institution building, terrorism and war, political scientists have long been interested in the concept of power and its use in politics. The 2006 APSA Annual Meeting provides a unique forum for informative discussions and research presentations from a wide range of scholars and political observers. The focus of the meeting, according to program chairs Rick Valelly (Swarthmore College) and Judith Goldstein (Stanford University), is "the understanding of both the theoretical bases of power and its empirical effects."
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