Scientific American's Global Summit on privacy and security in the digital age

August 27, 2001

The first strategic forum to tackle the complex issue of privacy and security from the perspectives of technology, policy and business globally for a CEO audience

Scientific American believes that is only through collaboration between government, business and academia that the challenges of online security and privacy will be solved. This two-day program of interactive sessions with policy, business and academic leaders will bring both critical thinking and innovative solutions to a matter of urgent concern to the business community.

The Issue At Stake:
Privacy is not just a policy issue, but also an urgent business concern. Without effective privacy and security controls, critical corporate data or intellectual property can be lost or stolen, resulting in immeasurable damage to corporate brand and reputation. Good privacy can, however, provide a competitive edge.

Strategic in scope, the Scientific American Global Summit tackles the privacy and security issues critical to the individual, to the success of national and multinational organizations, and the safety of the national infrastructure.

Summit Highlights:
Important global decision makers and influencers - from government, business and academia - will speak, offering their insight throughout the two-day summit. Confirmed keynoters and panelists include:

Key privacy and security executives from leading banking and financial institutions

Leaders from health care, biotech, e-health organizations and academia

Top executives from leading technology and security corporations

Partners and directors from legal firms who specialize in issues of privacy and security

Executives from prominent consultants
  • EDS Global Security & Privacy Services
  • Guardent
  • HR Privacy Solutions
  • The Privacy Counsel

  • Representatives from privacy organizations
  • Argo Pacific (Australia)
  • BITS [Financial Services Roundtable]
  • Privacy & American Business (US)
  • Privacy Laws & Business (UK)

    Representatives from multinational global companies
    • DoubleClick Corp.
    • Eastman Kodak
    • Thomson MultiMedia
    • Viamericas Corp.

  • And international privacy commissioners and government regulators from Asia, Australia, Canada and the E.U.

    The Program:
    The program's seven sessions will focus on financial services, health care and the regulatory environment in the U.S., the E.U., Latin America and Asia Pacific. There will also be a session on the technologies that are providing solutions to some of these challenges, and a discussion about privacy as a human value.

    Approximately 250 CEOs and senior management from multinational companies and policy, business and academic leaders. Program, registration and sponsorship information is available on the summit website:

    Scientific American Inc.

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