BMJ launches new open access ophthalmology journal

September 06, 2016

Healthcare knowledge provider BMJ has added a new title to its expanding portfolio of 60 specialist journals, with the launch of BMJ Open Ophthalmology later this month.

BMJ Open Ophthalmology is a fully open access international journal that aims to cater for both clinicians and scientists working in ophthalmology and vision science.

It will publish high-quality content on basic, translational, and clinical science including clinical investigations and observations, and relevant laboratory investigations related to ophthalmology.

The journal, which will be a sister title to the British Journal of Ophthalmology, maintains a rigorous and transparent peer review process and adheres to the highest ethical standards for research conduct.

In common with BMJ's other open access titles, BMJ Open Ophthalmology will operate a fast submission and review process with continuous publication online, to ensure that timely, up-to-date research is available worldwide.

The title is jointly edited by Colin Willoughby, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Liverpool and part of the corneal and glaucoma services at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital; and Professor Stephen Kaye, who leads the Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Service at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital and is Director of The Liverpool Research Eye Bank.

Professor Willoughby and Professor Kaye head up an international editorial board.

In their editorial introducing the new title, the editors set out their vision for BMJ Open Ophthalmology to become "an interactive evolving journal which provokes scientific debate and clinical commentary in which the readership, authors and public can engage and contribute."

They add: "Digital and multimedia submissions will be hosted to reflect clinical imaging, surgical videos, scientific and clinical teaching and diagnostics," giving the journal "a distinct footprint in the ophthalmology and vision science community."
Notes for editors:

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