Liverpool to host World Dental Congress

September 07, 2005

The congress will bring together internationally renowned speakers including Professor Lois Cohen - one of the world's leading authorities on preventative dentistry. The congress will be attended by Chief Dental Officers from across Europe as well as dental experts from 28 countries including Beijing and Australia.

The event will focus on the need for international joint policies in oral health promotion and oral disease prevention and build on earlier themes from previous meetings of the World Congress, particularly promoting equity and reducing health inequality.

Professor Cynthia Pine, Dean of Dental Studies at the University said: "I am delighted the University of Liverpool has been chosen to host such a prestigious international conference. This is an ideal opportunity to promote Liverpool's dental expertise to international policy makers and world leading researchers in the field of preventative dentistry.

"Our dental colleagues will be discussing oral health promotion activities taking place in their individual countries, so the congress will provide an exciting opportunity to develop new strategies by combining best practice ideas and experiences."

Chief Dental Officer at the World Health Organisation, Professor Poul Petersen, will be awarded an honorary degree by the University during the conference. Professor Petersen is being honoured for his contributions in improving social and behavioural aspects of oral health internationally.

The conference will be held at St George's Hall, Liverpool from Wednesday, 7 September to Saturday 10 September 2005. The degree ceremony takes place on Thursday, 8 September.

University of Liverpool

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