The American Phytopathological Society announces award recipients

September 10, 2000

St. Paul, MN. (Sept. 7, 2000) -- The American Phytopathological Society (APS) awards were presented at the 2000 APS Annual Meeting, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The six members named Fellows in the Society were: C. Lee Campbell (given posthumously), North Carolina State University; Margaret Daub, North Carolina State University; Roger Hull, John Innes Center; Robert Alexander McIntosh, University of Sydney; Robert D. Riggs, University of Arkansas; and Laveran W. "Pete" Timmer, University of Florida. APS grants the Fellows designation to a current APS member in recognition of distinguished contributions to plant pathology or to the Society.

Mike Ellis, Ohio State University at Wooster, was presented the Excellence in Extension Award. Glen R. Stanosz, University of Wisconsin, received the Excellence in Teaching of Plant Pathology Award.

The Ruth Allen recipients are: James C. Carrington, Institute of Biological Chemistry at Washington State University and William G. Dougherty, Department of Microbiology, Oregon State University. These recipients are honored for their outstanding contributions to the science of plant pathology.

The Lee M. Hutchins Award was presented to Gareth Hughes, University of Edinburgh. This award honors the best contribution presented in one or more full-length papers reporting basic or applied research of diseases of perennial fruit plants published in a recent, official AOS publication.

Receiving the Novartis Award (formerly the CIBA Geigy Award) was Gary P. Munkvold, Iowa State University. This award recognizes an outstanding recent contribution in plant pathology to teaching, research, or extension.

The International Service Award was presented to Christopher C. Mundt, Oregon State University. This award honors outstanding contributions to plant pathology by APS members for a country other than his or her own.
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