Wiley expands partnership with Skyscape

September 13, 2006

Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced a new agreement with Skyscape, Inc., a leading provider of interactive, intelligent health solutions for desktop and mobile devices, to make InfoPOEMs evidence-based medicine summaries available to Skyscape subscribers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Skyscape will offer the InfoPOEMs channel to its customer base of more than 575,000 medical professionals. InfoPOEMs will be offered as a stand-alone product, and each subscriber will receive monthly updates containing all the InfoPOEMs content from the previous month. Updates are delivered to a wide array of mobile devices including personal digital assistants (PDAs), smart phones and cell phones, as well as desktop personal computers.

Wiley acquired InfoPOEM, Inc., a provider of evidence-based medical content and web-based search tools, in October 2005. The flagship services of InfoPOEMs - Daily POEMs and InfoRetriever - form the basis of a medical information management system that improves patient care and increases clinical efficiency.

An acronym for "Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters," POEMs are summaries of evidence-based medical research filtered from over 100 leading peer-reviewed journals and graded for validity and relevance to patient outcomes. Approximately one in 40 eligible studies is converted into a POEM and each POEM is reviewed by at least 15 physicians and/or physician editors prior to publication.

"Offering InfoPOEMs in a mobile setting will further enhance the utility of a service designed to provide healthcare professionals with the information they need in their clinical practice," said Dr. Andrew Spong, Regional Manager, Healthcare Solutions, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. "With the launch of this application in association with Skyscape, Wiley reinforces its commitment to provide quality products to inform clinical decision making and augment the quality of medical advice at the point of care."

This new agreement expands a partnership that has already been established between the two companies. Since December 2005, Skyscape has provided its subscribers content from The Cochrane Library (published by Wiley), the widely-respected international resource for evidence-based medicine.

"Skyscape is pleased to extend our relationship with Wiley by adding InfoPOEMs to our growing portfolio of trusted resources," said Sandeep Shah, President & CEO of Skyscape. "For more than a decade, Skyscape has helped medical professionals get up-to-the-minute access to accurate information to help them provide better care at lower costs, while saving time and minimizing errors and legal challenges. Our user base welcomed Skyscape's introduction of the mobile version of the Cochrane Library from Wiley. Now with this new agreement for InfoPOEMs, Skyscape will offer a very timely resource for trusted evidence-based information, further demonstrating our commitment to the physicians and nurses who are searching for practical ways to incorporate evidence-based information into their daily practice."
For more information about InfoPOEMs, please visit www.infopoems.com, and for more information about Skyscape, please visit www.skyscape.com.

About John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., provides must-have content and services to customers worldwide. Our core businesses include scientific, technical, and medical journals, encyclopedias, books, and online products and services; professional and consumer books and subscription services; and educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Wiley has publishing, marketing, and distribution centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols JWa and JWb. Wiley's Internet site can be accessed at http://www.wiley.com

About Skyscape, Inc. Skyscape® is the worldwide leading service for trusted medical information by specialty for mobile devices. Skyscape's service enables healthcare practitioners to tailor their experience from the most trusted medical information available and delivers it in an intuitive manner that supports the natural thought flow for diagnosis and treatment. Skyscape has a registered user base of over 575,000 medical practitioners. Its more than 300 trusted references cover 30+ medical specialties. All are integrated via Skyscape's easy-to-use smARTlinkTM technology and are available on Palm OS®, Windows® Mobile and Windows® powered desktop and Tablet PCs. Skyscape is a privately held company headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts. For more information on Skyscape and its service go to www.skyscape.com/pr or call 508.460.6500.


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