Computer scientist to receive $500,000 MacArthur grant for genius in research on searchable networks

September 20, 2005

Washington, D.C. September 13, 2005 . . . . A computer scientist will receive a 2005 MacArthur Fellowship for work in revealing the deep structure of complex networks and creating new methods to extract the information embedded in them.

The grants, awarded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, will be announced publicly on Tuesday, September 20th. The name of the awardee and background material will be available on a password protected website on Friday, September 16 (see info below).

Awarded to talented individuals in a variety of fields who have shown exceptional originality in and dedication to their creative pursuits, MacArthur Fellows receive $500,000 grants that are bestowed with no conditions - recipients may use the money as they see fit. Nominated anonymously by leaders in their respective fields and never notified of their candidacy, the recipients will learn of their selection only when they receive a call from the MacArthur Foundation to notify them of their selection.
Reporters covering the story MUST abide by the September 20 embargo, the date for the official Fellows announcement.

Here is the password and user ID to access the Fellows website which will be live on Friday, September 16. URL:; User ID: mac909; password: 2fell5.

The website will have the names and backgrounds of the winners available. You may contact the awardee directly, on or after September 16. If you need the telephone number, contact Vicki Robb at 202-457-8100.

Available for interviews: Call Vicki Robb, 202-457-8100 to schedule.
  • Dan Socolow, program officer for the Fellows program at the MacArthur Foundation.
  • The Fellow, name to be available on the Fellows' website Friday, September 16. Call Vicki Robb for the telephone number, if needed.

    Lipman Hearne

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