Honouring Einstein: A science and art celebration at Canada's Perimeter Institute

September 29, 2005

Honouring Einstein in the 21st Century: Canada's Perimeter Institute Hosts North America's Most Comprehensive Celebration

WATERLOO, CANADA: September 29, 2005 - Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics has invited the world's scientific community to North America's most comprehensive event marking the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's "miracle year" of 1905. The Institute will host the festival at its award-winning research facility near Toronto, Canada, where EinsteinFest takes place from September 30 to October 23, 2005.

Perimeter Institute's EinsteinFest is a spectacular event that celebrates Einstein's most pivotal year by exploring our rapidly changing civilization and setting his prolific contributions in context with the science, philosophy, politics, art and music of the day.

EinsteinFest lecture highlights include:For more event information about lectures, performances, displays and exhibitions, visit www.einsteinfest.com.

Einstein's pioneering accomplishments of 1905 are being commemorated worldwide as part of the World Year of Physics 2005, a United Nations-endorsed international celebration of physics. More than 30 nations are participating in year-long festivities to highlight the importance of physics in the coming millennium and inspire a new generation of scientists "Einsteins" of the future.

Canada's Perimeter Institute is home to a unique group of theoretical physicists from around the world who use their imaginations and mathematics to help forge new ideas about the ultimate nature of space, time and matter. In addition to foundational research operations, the Institute provides educational outreach programs for students, teachers and the general public, the largest being EinsteinFest.

Founded in 1999, the Institute is a progressive example of an innovative private-public partnership between dynamic philanthropists and the Governments of Ontario and Canada.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

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