The interdisciplinary mandate: GSA's annual meeting to present new research on hot topics in aging

September 30, 2005

Orlando, Florida is the newly chosen location for The Gerontological Society of America's 58th Annual Scientific Meeting, held in conjunction with the American Federation for Aging Research. The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort ( will accommodate the entire conference the country's largest in the field of gerontology at their complex from November 18th through 22nd, 2005.

The five-day meeting will focus on a wide range of aging topics chosen by leading experts to showcase cutting-edge research in the field. This online schedule demonstrates the scope of the presentations:

The Society extends an invitation and complimentary registration to all members of the media. Reporters can sign up electronically by following this link: Press registration grants admission to all sessions (with the exception of ticketed events and pre-conference workshops) and the Exhibit Hall. Badges and printed program materials will be available for pickup in the Press Room during the meeting.

GSA has locked in a $183 per night conference rate good for single and double rooms. This price will be available until November 1st. The Marriott has also generously agreed to donate $8 per room per night to New Orleans relief efforts on behalf of convention-goers.
Founded in 1945, The Gerontological Society of America is the nation's oldest and largest multidisciplinary scientific organization devoted to the advancement of gerontological research. The Society's membership includes more than 5,000 researchers, educators, practitioners, and other professionals in the field of aging. The National Academy on an Aging Society is the policy institute of GSA. For more information on GSA and the Academy, visit

The Gerontological Society of America

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