Stevens' professors to hold relativity teach-in and science party

October 06, 2005

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Have you ever wondered why E equals mc squared? And, if "everything is relative," why does anything matter? To tackle these and other questions, professors from Stevens Institute of Technology will host "What's So Special about Relativity?" a teach-in and science party in the Wesley J. Howe Center's Bissinger Room on October 11 at 7pm.

Join Professors Ed Whittaker, Garry Dobbins, John Horgan and Jim McLellan to see amazing demonstrations including a juggling act, participate in an exciting discussion, enjoy dessert and find out why what happened in a small apartment in Bern, Switzerland in 1905 changed the world and is still important to our lives today.

For more information, please contact Whittaker at 201-216-5707 or

What: What's So Special about Relativity?, a teach-in and science party.
When: Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stevens' Bissinger Room, 4th Floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center.
About Stevens Institute of Technology
Established in 1870, Stevens offers baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees in engineering, science, computer science, management and technology management, as well as a baccalaureate in the humanities and liberal arts, and in business and technology. Located directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, the university has enrollments of approximately 1,780 undergraduates and 2,700 graduate students, and a current enrollment of 2,250 online-learning students worldwide. Additional information may be obtained from its web page at

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