Women's Health Writer's Forum

October 07, 1998

Save The Date -- Join Us For Breakfast At The 1998 Womens Health Writers Forum

Noonan/Russo Communications invites you to participate in a roundtable to discuss the medias impact on womens health.

This years topic will focus on the Menopausal Life Stage with speakers sparking debate about the power of the media on the health of menopausal women.

With your insights as a professional in womens health communications, we expect a lively debate finding answers to important questions:When you attend the Forum, you will:Speakers Include:

Monday, October 26, 1998, 9am-1pm
New York Academy of Sciences

Space Is Limited
RSVP by October 21 via:
Phone (212) 696-4455 ext. 342
Fax (212) 685-5348
email WomensHealth@noonanrusso.com

Noonan/Russo Communications

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